Carpet Cleaning Rental Properties

Trying to prepare that rental property for the new tenants? Getting the carpet to look presentable is often not easy. Fresh Air Cleaning Service specializes in rental property cleaning. We are the area’s leading carpet cleaning service company and there is a reason why. We are simply the best at what we do. We can remove spots that other companies are unable to.

So before taking on the costly and time consuming task of replacing the carpet in that rental unit, call Fresh Air Cleaning Service.

Real Estate Agencies

Trying to sell that house? What is the first thing prospective buyers see in a vacant house? The only thing there… the carpet. If the carpet does not look good, it is an instant negative in the eye of that would be buyer. In this market every advantage counts. Call Fresh Air Cleaning Service to make the carpet look the best possible. Don’t miss that potential house sale due to dingy, soiled carpet. Let the house with the clean, soft beautiful carpet sell itself.